Lgndary Thoughts - The Game Awards 2017

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve had quite a week, and it isn’t even over yet since PSX is just getting started! Speaking of PSX, however, I won’t be writing about it. At least not today. Sony rightfully set expectations low tonight, and didn't have a real keynote. So instead, let’s discuss the livestream that took place last night, The Game Awards. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

I gotta say, this year’s Game Awards was easily the best there has ever been. There were a couple of awkward moments, sure, but nothing too bad, and they were all overshadowed by the excellent show. Amazing reveals, the live orchestra, and even a few touching and fun moments made for an exciting and enjoyable show. And most importantly, I felt that the winners of each award were largely deserved. Something that isn't always true for awards of this nature.

Moving on to the announcements, I gotta start with Death Stranding. That trailer has to be one of the most incredible, insane videos I have ever seen. Out of context, it is hard to pull any logic out of it, but that doesn’t cut into my interest in the slightest. Who are these people? What are the otherworldly creatures? What are the devices on their shoulders? Why is the baby so important? Why is dying from self-inflicted stab wounds better than being taken by the creatures? The only thing that was disappointing about it was the absence of a “Coming 2018” at the end. I know it was always unlikely this would launch next year, but I had hope.

After that, I can’t help but say that the remaining biggest reveals had to go to Nintendo. Breath of the Wild DLC release, and Bayonetta 3 have me so incredibly pumped. It was also nice to see the best game of the year going home with the Game of the Year award!

Other than that, there isn’t much to say other than well job to the team who put the show together. I feel like, for the first time, The Game Awards had the announcements, and the significance to tackle E3.

That’s all from me folks! I’ll be sure to post any news that comes out of PSX this weekend. And if you see anything that hasn’t been posted yet, please shoot me a message! Other than that, have a good weekend everyone!


It’s hard not to talk about how awesome those Nintendo reveals were! But that Death Stranding trailer really has me excited and also very confused. Just when I thought maybe I was starting to form an idea of this game’s story, the trailer scrapped all that. I hope we’ll get some gameplay at E3 next year though!

I was really glad to see Breath of the Wild win “Game of the Year,” because it truly was THE game of 2017. I think we’ll see it’s impact on open-world games five years to come. And I really loved the live orchestra, it was very classy.

Thu Dec 14 17 10:40am
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Oh yeah “Game of the Year” should have gone to BOTW. I honestly would have been upset if it didn’t win it. I kind of feel bad for Guerilla Games and Horizon since it shared all its participating categories with Breath of the Wild.

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